Critic’s Choice: February 19th, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)johnny cash-the shifting whispering sands-ballads of the true west-1965

2)maggie rogers-color song-now that the light is fading-2017

3)ryan adams-shiver & shake-prisoner-2017

4)jesca hoop-pegasi-memories are now-2017

5)van morrison-higher than the world-inarticulate speech of the heart-1983

6)the lumineers-my eyes-cleopatra-2016

7)rilo kiley-don’t deconstruct-take offs & landings-2001

8)the molochs-that’s the trouble with you-america’s velvet glory-2017

9)waylon jennings-anita you’re dreaming-leavin’ town-1966

10)crosby stills & nash-anything at all-csn-1977
11)kate grom-lose my mind-heroine-2017
12)they might be giants-mammal-apollo 18-1992

13)the sadies-riverview fog-northern passages-2017

14)the come on-la-the come on ep-2017

15)demeyer & kimbrough-running round-mockingbird soul-2017

2nd hour

1)clap your hands say yeah-loose ends-the tourist-2017

2)ella fitzgerald-sweet & slow-ella swings gently with nelson-1962

3)son volt-promise the world-notes of blue-2017

4)molly burch-wrong for you-please be mine-2017

5)muddy waters-i can’t be satisfied-1948

6)old 97’s-she loves the sunset-blame it on gravity-2008

7)tobin sprout-heart of wax-the universe & me-2017

8)norah jones-young blood-the fall-2009

9)delbert mcclinton-neva-prick of the litter-2017

10)hippo campus-vines-landmark-2017

11)bob marley & the wailers-natty dread-natty dread-1974

12)alison krauss-i never cared for you-windy city-2017

13)the smithereens-elaine-green thoughts-1988

14)wesley stace-don’t turn me loose-w stace’s john wesley harding-2017

15)empty houses-mercy-daydream-2016

3rd hour

1)the monkees-forget that girl-headquarters-1967

2)joseph-whirlwind-i’m not alone no you’re not-2016

3)blair crimmins-in the neighborhood-you gotta sell something-2017

4)ike & tina turner-tra la la la la-dynamite-1963

5)los lobos-angel dance-the neighborhood-1990

6)cracker-turn on tune in drop out-sunrise in the land of milk-2009

7)rorey carroll-by the banks-love is an outlaw-2016

8)phil ochs-one way ticket home-greatest hits-1970

9)lolo-no time for lonely-in loving memory of when i gave-2016

10)the teardrop explodes-passionate friend-wilder-1981

11)nikki lane-700,000 rednecks-highway queen-2017

12)pavement-shady lane-brighten the corners-1997

13)wilco-you & i-wilco-2009

14)stevie ray vaughan-mary had a little lamb-texas flood-1983