Critic’s Choice: March 13, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)johnny cash-personal jesus-american IV-2002
2)rhiannon giddens-the angels laid him away-freedom highway-2017
3)the feelies-make it clear-in between-2017
4)aimee mann-lies of summer-mental illness-2017
5)elliott smith speed trials-either or-1997
6)ryan adams-these girls-easy tiger-2007
7)samantha fish-you’ll never change-chills & fever-2017
8)louis jordan-don’t let the sun catch you cryin’-1946
9)peter mulvey-which one were you-are you listening-2017
10)alison krauss-windy city-windy city-2017
11)elvis presley-big love big heartache-roustabout-1964
12)norah jones-little room-not too late-2007
13)hunter sharpe-ivy-forced landings ep-2017
14)bombadil-is this danger-fences-2017
15)tennis-please don’t ruin this for me-yours conditionally-2017
16)wesley stace-audience of one-w stace’s john wesley harding-2017

2nd hour
1)buffalo springfield-a child’s claim to fame-buffalo springfield again-1967
2)molly birch-wrong for you-please be mine-2017
3)marty stuart-old mexico-way out west-2017
4)samantha crain-antiseptic greeting-you had me at goodbye-2017
5)lemonheads-my drug buddy-it’s a shame about ray-1992
6)bob dylan-never gonna be the same again-empire burlesque-1985
7)nikki lane-companion-highway queen-2017
8)ritchie valens-donna-ritchie valens-1959
9)tobin sprout-heart of wax-the universe & me-2017
10)ryan adams-haunted house-prisoner-2017
11)the two man gentleman band-please don’t water it down-two at a time-2012
12)valerie june-love you once made-the order of time-2017
13)the kinks-get back in line-lola versus powerman-1970
14)dan the man-not as far as it looks-circadian circus-2017
15)tash sultana-jungle-notion ep-2017
16)thundercat-bus in these streets-drunk-2017

3rd hour
1)robert cray-the same love that made me laugh- & hi rhythm-2017
2)be charlotte-machines that breathe-one drop ep-2017
3)the mavericks-easy as it seems-brand new day-2017
4)madeleine peyroux-fun out of life-dreamland-1996
5)al green-i’m still in love with you-i’m still in love with you-1972
6)the head & the heart-i don’t mind-signs of light-2016
7)margaret glaspy-no matter who-emotions & math-2016
8)the jayhawks-settled down like rain-hollywood town hall-1992
9)the bangs-getting out of hand-1981
10)dave hause-the ride-bury me in philly-2017
11)st paul & the broken bones-don’t mean a thing-half the city-2014
12)sally & george-wild tiger style-tip my heart-2017
13)the box tops-neon rainbow-the letter neon rainbow-1967
14)the avett brothers-victims of life-true sadness-2016