Critic’s Choice: September 3, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)whiskeytown-my hometown-pneumonia-2001
2)eilen jewell-nothing in rambling-down hearted blues-2017
3)randy newman-bet no one ever hurt this bad-randy newman-1968
4)chelsea williams-angeles crest-boomerang-2017
5)dan auerbach-never in my wildest dreams-waiting on a song-2017
6)john lennon-hold on-plastic ono band-1970
7)nicole atkins-colors-goodnight rhonda lee-2017
8)buck owens-waitin’ in your welfare line-open up your heart-1966
9)march divide-tired voice-don’t let me die in arizona-2017
10)iron & wine-last night-beast epic-2017
11)rogue & jaye-spider & fly-pent up-2017
12)billy joel-you look so good to me-cold spring harbor-1971
13)steve azar-tender & tough-down at the liquor store-2017
14)luna-letter to hermione-a sentimental education-2017
15)bonzie-tiny-zone on nine-2017
16)van william-cosmic sign-the revolution ep-2017

2nd hour
1) the beatles- two of us- let it be-1970
2) joseph- honest- I’m alone no you’re not – 2016
3) john prine- linda goes to mars- german afternoons- 1986
4) tristen- clandestine- sneaker waves – 2017
5) matthew sweet – thought i knew you- girlfriend- 1991
6) glen campbell- everybody’s talkin’ – adios- 2017
7) jade bird- good woman- something american- 2017
8) the monkees- the kind of girl i could love- more of the monkees – 1967
9)beach fossils-this year-somersault-2017
10)guided by voices- nothing gets you real- how do you spell heaven- 2017
11)10,000 maniacs-just as the tide was a flowing-the wishing chair-1985
12)rondo hatton-juliana-breaking the sound barrier-2015
13)bob dylan-peggy day-nashville skyline-1969
14) chamomile & whiskey- second lullaby- cville suitcase- 2017
15) cat clyde- sheets of green- ivory castanets- 2017
16) alle farben- little hollywood- music is my best friend- 2017

3rd hour
1)redd kross-love is you-neurotica-1987
2)lizz wright-what would i do without you-grace-2017
3)will hoge-this ain’t an original sin-anchors-2017
4)allison pierce-evidence-year of the rabbit-2017
5)ray charles-hallelujah i love her so-ray charles-1957
6)prince-walk don’t walk-diamonds & pearls-1991
7)paul kelly-firewood & candles-life is fine-2017
8)neko case-things that scare me-blacklisted-2002
9)david allan coe-penitentiary blues-penitentiary blues-1970
10)the two tens-streetlight-on repeat-2017
11)gogol bordello-still that way-seekers & finders-2017
12)rolling stones-2000 light years from home-their satanic majesties request-1967
13)shannon mcnally-the stuff you gotta watch-black irish-2017
14)dirty fences-king’s cross-too high to kross-2013