Critic’s Choice: October 8, 2017

playlist goes by artist- song title- lp title- year

1st hour
1) brian wilson- melt away- brian wilson- 1988
2) whitney rose- wake me up in wyoming- rule 62 – 2017
3) randy newman- she chose me- dark matter- 2017
4) jade bird- grinnin’ in your face- something american- 2017
5) hank williams jr- to love somebody- family tradition- 1979
6) bee gees- down to earth- idea- 1968
7) nicole atkins- colors- goodnight rhonda lee- 2017
8) dr john- just the same- in the right place- 1973
9) joshua davis- change the game- the way back home- 2017
10) steve martin and scr- on the water- the long awaited album- 2017
11) paula cole- blue moon- ballads- 2017
12) tom petty & heartbreakers- no second thoughts- you’re gonna get it- 1978
13) andy frasco & the u.n.- here’s to letting you down- happy bastards- 2016
14) dma’s- believe- like a version- 2017
15) florist- eyes in the sun- if blue could be happiness- 2017
16) chet faker- you don’t treat me no good- like a version- 2017

2nd hour
1)guided by voices-low flying perfection-how do you spell heaven-2017
2)lucinda williams-drunken angel-car wheels on a gravel road-1998
3)the waterboys-monument-out of all this blue-2017
4)dent may-across the multiverse-across the multiverse-2017
5)marvin gaye-some kind of wonderful-in the groove-1968
6)glen campbell-everybody’s talkin’-adios-2017
7)paul kelly-josephina-life is fine-2017
8)blondie-sunday girl-parallel lines-1978
9)iron & wine-call it dreaming-beast epic-2017
10)chris hillman-bidin’ my time-bidin’ my time-2017
11)madeline kenney-big one-night night at first landing-2017
12)the safes-millionaire-tasty waves-2017
13)flying burrito brothers-cody cody-burrito deluxe-1970
14)hiss golden messenger-i am the song-hallelujah anyhow-2017
15)mattiel-baby brother-mattiel-2017
16)lee scratch perry-dub along-super ape returns to conquer-2017

3rd hour
1) pokey la farge- good luck charm- manic revelations- 2017
2) gloria jones-tainted love-1965
3) deer tick- wants needs- deer tick vol 2- 2017
4) joseph- whirlwind- i’m alone no you’re not- 2016
5) smokey robinson & miracles- save me- away we go go- 1966
6) walker lukens- every night- tell it to the judge- 2017
7) uncle tupelo- grindstone- march 16 to 20,  1992-1992
8) new swears- comfortably hungover- and the magic of horses- 2017
9) go go’s- how much more- beauty & the beat- 1981
10) son little- bread & butter- new magic- 2017
11) lone bellow- can’t be happy for long- walk into a storm- 2017
12) tom petty & heartbreakers- hometown blues- tom petty & heartbreakers- 1976
13) superorganism- something for your mind- 2017
14) t rex- baby strange- the slider- 1972