Critic’s Choice: December 3, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year


1st hour

1)big star-i’m in love with a girl-radio city-1974

2)neko case-magpie to the morning-middle cyclone-2009

3)pokey lafarge-the spark-something in the water-2015

4)samantha fish-belle of the west-belle of the west-2017

5)the beatles-julia-the beatles-1968

6)iron & wine-last night-beast epic-2017

7)plant & krauss-stick with me baby-raising sand-2007

8)chris barron-angels & 1 armed jugglers-angels & 1 armed-2017

9)tom waits-frank’s wild years-swordfishtrombones-1983

10)steve martin & scr-on the water-the long awaited album-2017

11)bettie serveert-something so wild-lamprey-1995

12)liam gallagher-chinatown-as you were-2017

13)peter tosh-whatcha gonna do-legalize it-1976

14)wesley stace-audience of one-john wesley harding-2017

15)sia-snowman-everyday is christmas-2017


2nd hour

1)elvis presley-doncha think it’s time-50,000,000 elvis fans-1959

2)valerie june-winter wonderland-2014

3)tmbg-someone keeps moving my chair-flood-1990

4)mavis staples-who told you that-if all i was was black-2017

5)the safes-mind of its own-tasty waves-2017

6)weezer-qb blitz-pacific daydream-2017

7)linda ronstadt-carmelita-simple dreams-1977

8)ray davies-change for change-americana-2017

9)john lee hooker-dimples-1956

10)chris hillman-she don’t care about time-bidin my time-2017

11)bette smith-city in the sky-jetlagger-2017

12)nick lowe-restless feeling-the old magic-2011

13)booker t & the mg’s-winter wonderland-in the xmas spirit-1966

14)new swears-comfortably hungover-and the magic-2017

15)lady rizo-under-indigo-2017

16)blank range-randolph street-marooned with the treasure-2017


3rd hour

1)randy newman-laughing boy-randy newman-1968

2)nicole atkins-listen up-goodnight rhonda lee-2017

3)tommy keene-back to zero now-places that are gone ep-1984

4)madeleine peyroux-dreamland-dreamland-1996

5)willie nelson-little house on the hill-god’s problem child-2017

6)the monkees-good times-good times-2016

7)harry nilsson-daybreak-son of dracula-1974

8)tristen-got some-sneaker waves-2017

9)the waterboys-do we choose who we love-out of all this blue-2017

10)the spongetones-my girl maryanne-torn apart ep-1984

11)jason isbell-hope the high road-the nashville sound-2017

12)aretha franklin-elusive butterfly-soul ’69-1969

13)greg graffin-echo on the hill-millport-2017

14)roxy music-all i want is you-country life-1974