Critic’s Choice: January 7, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)ryan adams-still a cage-live at rough trade-2017
2)mavis staples-peaceful dream-if all i was was black-2017
3)robert francis-the magic-indian summer-2017
4)chelsea williams-toyota song-boomerang-2017
5)beach boys-the warmth of the sun-shut down vol 2-1964
6)deer tick-end of the world-deer tick vol 1-2017
7)phil ochs-power & the glory-all the news that’s fit-1964
8)paula cole-i wish i knew-ballads-2017
9)csn-just a song before i go-csn-1977
10)chris stapleton-a simple song-from A room vol 2-2017
11)bette smith-flying sweet angel-jetlagger-2017
12)t rex-life’s a gas-electric warrior-1971
13)beck-fix me-colors-2017
14)wesley stace-you’re a song-john wesley harding-2017
15)florist-eyes in the sun-if blue could be-2017
16)joshua davis-the little things-the way back home-2017

2nd hour
1)otis redding-ole man trouble-otis blue-1965
2)rogue & jaye-don’t say-pent up-2017
3)they might be giants-unrelated thing-john henry-1994
4)jade bird-cathedral-something american ep-2017
5)johnny cash-that’s all over-the fabulous johnny cash-1958
6)elvis costello-opportunity-get happy-1980
7)samantha fish-american dream-belle of the west-2017
8)jim lauderdale-sweet time-london southern-2017
9)traffic-dealer-dear mr. fantasy-1967
10)andy frasco & the u.n.-can’t get you-happy bastards-2016
11)steely dan-only a fool-can’t buy a thrill-1972
12)cat clyde-move along-ivory castanets-2017
13)cracker-sick of goodbyes-kerosene hat-1993
14)mipso-hurt so good-coming down the mountain-2017
15)ren geisick-lover-ren love song-2017
16)together pangea-money on it-bulls & roosters-2017

3rd hour
1) weezer- happy hour- pacific daydream- 2017
2)neko case-timber-the virginian-1997
3)rodney crowell-shake your money maker-strange angels-2017
4)kelsey kerrigan-good times-primary colors-2017
5)jonathan richman-egyptian reggae-rock n roll with modern lovers-1977
6)roy orbison-mean woman blues-a love so beautiful-2017
7)elayna boynton-can’t stop lovin’ you-strange angels-2017
8)the kinks-denmark street-lola vs powerman-1970
9)repeat repeat-girlfriend-floral canyon-2017
10)justin t earle-short hair woman-kids in the street-2017
11)u2-the showman-songs of experience-2017
12)blondie-dreaming-eat to the beat-1979
13)jd mcpherson-crying’s just a thing you do-undivided heart & soul-2017
14)bay city rollers-rock & roll love letter-rock & roll love letter-1976