The Critic’s Choice Playlist November 18, 2018

1st hour

1)paul mc cartney-happy with you-egypt station-2018
2)rachel garlin-hey garrett-hello again ep-2018
3)roy orbison & rpo-falling-unchained melodies-2018
4)norah jones-the long day is over-come away with me-2002
5)paul kelly-the trees-nature-2018
6)elvis costello-kid about it-imperial bedroom-1982
7)tami neilson-one thought of you-sassafrass-2018
8)roy clark-the tips of my fingers-the tip of my fingers-1963
9)the beach boys-our sweet love-sunflower-1970
10)jillette johnson-holiday-all i ever see in you is me-2017
11)iron & wine-what hurts worse-weed garden ep-2018
12)john prine-i have found my love today-the tree of forgiveness-2018
13)rem-wendell gee-fables of the reconstruction-1985
14)jacob reese thornton-bombs away-different times ep-2018
15)jessie anderson-monet-jessie anderson ep-2018
16)sufis-take care of yourself-after hours-2018
2nd hour
1)dr. john-same old same old-in the right place-1973
2)the greeting committee-gold star-this is it-2018
3)dwight yoakam-little ways-hillbilly deluxe-1987
4)donna the buffalo-look both ways-dance in the street-2018
5)jonathan rice-meet the mother-the long game-2018
6)creedence clearwater revival-don’t look nbow-willy & the poor boys-1969
7)frankie cosmos-same thing-vessel-2018
8)ray davies-march of the zombies-our country-2018
9)the gibson brothers-come down-mockingbird-2018
10)mavis staples-far celestial shores-one true vine-2013
11)wilco-i must be high-a.m.-1995
12)charles bradley-fly little girl-black velvet-2018
13)tom petty & heartbreakers-how many more days-let me up-1987
14)hiss golden messenger-lion lamb-virgo fool-2018
15)birds of chicago-roll away-love in wartime-2018
16)bodega-boxes for the move-endless scroll-2018
3rd hour
1)the monkees-unwrap you at christmas-christmas party-2018
2)pale waves-one more time-my mind makes noises-2018
3)drivin n cryin-good day every day-whisper tames the lion-1988
4)jazzmeia horn-i remember you-a social call-2017
5)john hiatt-poor imitation of god-the eclipse sessions-2018
6)donovan-superlungs my supergirl-barabajagal-1969
7)mandy barnett-the fool-strange conversation-2018
8)paddlefish-king of things-spill me-2018
9)the devil makes three-bad idea-chains are broken-2018
10)goodnight moonshine-settle down-i’m the only one-2018
11)camper van beethoven-take the skinheads bowling-telephone free landslide victory-1985
12)the grip weeds-letters-trip around the sun-2018
13)juliana hatfield-dancin round & round-sings olivia newton john-2018
14)queen-don’t stop me now-jazz-1978